February Art Exhibition - CORRINE A. BONGIOVANNI: February 2018
feature show

February Art Exhibition - CORRINE A. BONGIOVANNI

A doodler and wannabe creator since she could hold a pencil, Corrine Bongiovanni began learning how to draw in grade six with a John Knaggy Learn To Draw Kit. But it wasn’t until she was 28 that she would find time to take formal instruction through private lessons. Since then she has studied with a variety of renowned artists including: Serge Hollerbach, Tony Van Hasselt, Charlotte Wharton, Ijazz Uhl Hassan, and Skip Lawrence. A native of Houlton, ME and a graduate of USM and Dalhousie Un., Corrine is a clinical social worker in private practice. As an artist, she paints in four mediums and has become known for her golf art, old architecture, and more recently scenes of people in their everyday life. Corrine has painted golf courses from Canada to Grand Cayman Island. Her commission work involves a broad subject range and new to her repertoire are hand painted antique tables with unique fine art designs.