Oriana's Eyes A play by Sando Sechi and Jennifer Slack-Eaton:
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Oriana's Eyes A play by Sando Sechi and Jennifer Slack-Eaton

Don't miss the premire of Oriana's Eyes a collaborative play by Sando Sechi and Jennifer Slack-Eaton.

This play is a true life account of a woman at the end of her life and the assistant that she falls in love with as if he were her own child. 

Manhattan, 2004, Oriana Fallaci is dying of cancer, a cancer that as the play unfolds spreads to her eyes causing her to lose her vision. Her assistant, Sandro becomes her eyes, leading her to doctor appointments, cooking with her and helping her to write again. Eventually Sandro is forced to choose between his dying mother and his dying boss.

Sandro and Jennifer, founders of Smoke and Bubbles Productions, are the producers, playwrights and co-directors of this complex story. Smoke and Bubbles plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to Southern Maine Agency on Aging and to ILAP (Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project)!

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